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I am living abroad but write about Irish material in my blog. Can I nominate my blog for a Blog Awards Ireland award?

Yes, the category ‘Best  Blog of the Diaspora’. Anyone living abroad with an Irish connection can nominate their blog in this category (it must be written in English or as Gaeilge).

How is the ‘Best Blog Post’ being judged?

It will be judged by public vote and by independent judges. We will be asking people to visit the website and vote for which post they consider to be the best. The top ten will be then be judged by independent judges. Voting will open on 4th August.

How are the other categories being judged?

They will be judged by independent judges. We have posted some general criteria for judging the blogs  on our website if you would like to look at it as a guide.

Can my blog be nominated for more than one category?

Yes, you can enter it in as many categories as you think is appropriate to your focus.

Is there a charge to enter the blog awards?

No, it is free to enter or nominate a blog.

What date do the nominations end?

Nominations are open from 1st June – 11th July

I’d like to add the ‘Nominate This Blog’ button to my wordpress.com sidebar but I’m not sure how to do it.

We’ve created a blog post which explains the process. If you have any questions, do pop them in the comment box at the end of the post.

If I get more than one nomination for my blog, does that help its chances in the judging process?

No, a blog just has to be entered once but of course, entering it in more than one category may increase your chances of success. The judges won’t necessarily be aware of the number of nominations received and they will be judging each blog by the judging criteria alone.

Can I nominate more than one blog?

Yes, you can, you can nominate as many blogs as you would like to.

Can I go back and nominate a blog for more categories after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, you can.

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