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Long List for Blog Awards Ireland 2014 Published

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It’s that time of year again, time to check if your blog has been nominated or not, see what the competition is, see who else is nominated, vote for your favourite blog post in the Best Blog post poll. We’ve had more blogs nominated than ever before and this year, we’re going to be producing an interactive map to show the number of bloggers per county. What will be the winning county? Who will hold the blogging equivalent of the Sam Maguire?


Display your ‘Nominated’ badge on your sidebar with pride. You will be able to get the code here and there’s instructions for installing it on wordpress and blogger on that page if you need help too.

blog awards ireland

What happens next?

We have lots of independent judges waiting to receive lists of blogs (they will receive them by the end of next week) and they will spend time assessing the blogs, filling in scores and probably being sidetracked and finding lots of great blogs they never knew existed. Every blog will be seen by a number of independent judges. The short list will be published on 25nd August.

We have a judging panel this year (will be publishing this next week – this is made up of sponsors and renowned bloggers) and they will be judging the finalist blogs only. Their scores will count for 30% of the total marks and the other judges will count for 70%.

More Judges

We would love some more judges – the more the merrier. Judging has lots of benefits besides enjoying reading new blogs – check out this post on 5 reasons to be a blog awards judge!  You can apply here and we hope you enjoy.


We are launching the blog awards on 14th August in Dublin city centre. Keep on eye on our facebook page for announcements. Tickets will be free but we need to know numbers.

Glenisk Competition

We have another wonderful competition for you this year in collaboration with Glenisk (who are also sponsoring the Food and Drink category). Once again, it’s a food competition and it’s all about snapping and sharing on Instagram. The winning prize is a 3 night stay in a hotel by See details of how to enter here. Good luck and enjoy!

Remember the Sponsors

We couldn’t run the blog awards without sponsorship and we have many wonderful sponsors again this year. We’d really appreciate if you could give them a shoutout, particularly the sponsor of the category you are nominated in.

Buy Tickets

The blog awards event is being held in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane on 4th October. We’ve made 100 tickets available at an early bird price of €30. Once they are all gone, the price will be €50. If you’d like to avail of an early bird ticket, you’ll get them here.

Why is my Blog not in a category it was nominated for?

While checking the blogs, we found that some blogs had to be removed from their nominated categories for a variety of reasons:

  • If you are not living in Ireland, your blog is only eligible for the Diaspora category (unless you’ve only been away from Ireland for 4 months in the last year).
  • It is not a blog – some websites were nominated which did not have a blog.
  • The form may not have been filled in correctly and the link was missing.
  • All we could find was an error page, the blog was down.

Best Blog

If you are wondering what happens with the Best Blog category, the winner for this award is determined from the highest scoring blogger from the other 30 winners, a huge accolade and achievement for the winner. However, this is why there isn’t any nomination process for this category.

Best Blog Post

The top ten best blog posts are decided by public vote. Voters will be able to vote once a week. After two weeks, a number of the lowest scoring posts will be removed each week.  Ten finalists will then be judged by independent judges and the winner will be announced at the awards. Some blogs have been nominated more than once. We are going to email those bloggers to ask them to select one post. The Best Blog Post poll will be live next Friday.

All the best, Lorna and Amanda


Best Blog in the Irish Language – Long List

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The Best Blog in the Irish Language is currently not sponsored. Become a sponsor.

These are the long list blogs for the Best Blog in the Irish Language category:

Best Overall Blog of 2013

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The Best Blog is being sponsored by The Digital Hub.


This award goes to the highest scoring winner from the thirty categories – it will be the last award to be announced on the night of 12th October and is a huge accolade for the talented winner.

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